Usman lost his life fighting with cancer

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Usman Sharif lost his life fighting with cancer , a long-time employee of Hum News, lost his life in cancer .Senior Cameraman of Karachi Bureau Usman Sharif was associated with the channel from day one. He also served in many other leading news channels

The journey of Hum News began six years ago, when Cameraman Usman Sharif also joined the Karachi Bureau team as an active member. The late Usman Sharif knew the skill of capturing the scene with the camera. He was a dutiful and easy-going personality.

Late Usman Sharif was passionate about teaching his juniors and learning from seniors. He did excellent coverage of many important events.

Some time ago he was diagnosed with cancer. He underwent brain surgery and met his true creator on Tuesday morning. Late Usman Sharif has left behind a widow and three children. After performing the funeral prayers, he was buried in Muhammad Shah Cemetery