Advisor to Chief Minister Sindh Attends Allotment Ceremony for Affected Members of X&W Building

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Karachi Ehsan Ur Rehman Mazari, Advisor to the Chief Minister of Sindh for Inter-Provincial Coordination and Cooperative Department, attended the “Allotment Ceremony for Affected Members of X&W Building” as the chief guest. He was warmly received by the Secretary of the Karimabad Ismailia Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited ST-2, Imran Arwan Panjwani, along with other administratives.

During his address to the media, Advisor Ehsan Ur Rehman Mazari expressed his gratitude to the management of the Karimabad Ismailia Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited for inviting him.

He highlighted the Pakistan Peoples Party’s manifesto to providing basic necessities such as roti, kapra, and makan to the people of Pakistan and PPP is the only party that believes in serving the people.Mazari emphasized the importance of constructing flats according to modern standards and ensuring their timely and quality completion. He reiterated that his office doors are always open to the public for resolving their issues.In the ceremony, Advisor Ehsan Ur Rehman Mazari distributed plot files to the allottees.

The society members expressed their gratitude for his people-friendly policies and swift justice measures.

The society administration presented an honorary shield to Advisor Mazari, appreciating his efforts in addressing cooperative societies’ issues.Speaking to the media, Secretary Imran Panjwani stated that the organization has successfully secured the rights of the allottees and is ready to assist the residents regardless of any differences.The event was attended by officials of Cooperative Department Sindh, including Imran Arwan Panjwani, elected chairman Shehzad Tharani, Additional District Judge South Ashraf Ali Khawaja, Natha Foundation and Shah Bibi Healthcare founder and social personality Ramzan Natha, among others. The ceremony was held on the night of June 12 at the Senior Citizen Hall, Karimabad Colony.