“Building Peace Through Financial Literacy: Awareness Session Held in Karachi

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Karachi, Ms. Kiran Fatima, a Women Peace Architect from Karachi, under the project SHE-THE Peacebuilder, conducted an awareness session on “Building Peace Through Financial Literacy” at the Dawood University of Engineering and Technology (DUET), Karachi.

The session aimed to educate working individuals and students on the importance of financial literacy in achieving peace and stability in their personal and professional lives. Participants learned about budgeting, saving, and investing, as well as managing debt and financial planning.

The session emphasized how financial literacy can reduce stress, increase security, and promote peace of mind. Ms. Kiran Fatima shared her expertise and provided valuable insights, encouraging participants to take control of their financial futures.

The event was a significant step towards promoting financial literacy and peacebuilding in Karachi, aligning with the project’s goal of empowering individuals to build a more peaceful and prosperous society.”