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Karachi,This is for the information of all public in Sindh in general and Farmers in the command of Sukkur Barrage in Particular that damages have been detected in Gate Nos. 44 and 47 of Sukkur Barrage at 7:20 PM, 20.06.2024. To combat the emergent situation necessary repair works of both gates are being started on Emergency Basis by utilizing all available resources with the Department.

To avoid further damages and to facilitate the emergency repair works of Gate No. 44 and 47, all Sukkur Barrage Gates are fully opened to evacuate the upstream pond, consequently the supply to all Canal off-taking from Left and Right Side of Sukkur Barrage i.e. Nara, Rohri, Khairpur East, Khairpur West, Northern Dadu, Rice and NW Canal will remain suspended until restoration of Gate No. 44 and 47 of Sukkur Barrage on Emergency Basis.

Irrigation Department is determined to repair both Gates as soon as possible and restore supplies to all Canals off-taking from Sukkur Barrage. The confirmed date of restoration of complete supply of water to all canals off-taking from left and right side of Sukkur Barrage will be communicated within 72 hours.

It is pointed out that due to collapse of Gate No. 32 in 1982, all Sukkur Barrage Gates were replaced from 1989 to 1992. Again, in 2019 Gate No. 39 of Sukkur Barrage was damaged, resultantly Six Gates of Sukkur Barrage, which were in precarious condition, were replaced on Emergency Basis through Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works under Sindh Barrages Improvement Project. Currently all gates of Sukkur Barrage are being replaced including Gate No. 44 and 47 through Rehabilitation and Modernization of Sukkur Barrage Project, under Sindh Barrages Improvement Project.