Demand for Legal Action Against Jirga-

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Demand for Legal Action Against Jirga-

Holding Sardars and Complicit Government Officials: Awami Tehreek’s Call for Rule of Law in Sindh.

In a joint press release, Awami Tehreek leaders highlighted how jirga-holding sardars and complicit government officials undermine law and order in Sindh, making the situation increasingly complex and precarious.


Awami Tehreek’s Central President Lal Jarwar, Vice President Advocate Sajid Hussain Mahesar, Dr. Rasool Bakhsh Khaskheli, and Mehran Sindhi have issued a joint statement demanding legal action against jirga-holding feudal lords and their government patrons. Despite clear High Court decisions against tribal jirgas, Sindh’s tribal chiefs continue to hold these unauthorized gatherings under the auspices of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), making decisions that contravene the law and the constitution.

The leaders argue that sardars and waderas have effectively established a state within a state in Sindh, where killers are handed trivial fines of a few million rupees and granted the freedom to continue committing crimes against innocent people and killing their opposition.

They view jirgas as an insult to the judiciary, with the constitution and laws being sidelined in favor of empowering feudal lords. Police stations have reportedly fallen under the influence of these tribal chiefs, with District SSPs prioritizing the service of tribal chiefs and political rulers over protecting citizens’ lives and property, ensuring the rule of law, and arresting those responsible for tribal violence.

The press statement added that dacoits receive support from the government administration, tribal chiefs, and rulers have turned kidnapping and ransom into a lucrative business.

Awami Tehreek leaders have called on the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to take decisive legal action against tribal chiefs who defy High Court judgments and hold illegal and unconstitutional jirgas.

They also demand accountability for SSPs and subordinate staff in districts where such jirgas occur. Additionally, they urge a stringent operation to eradicate dacoits in Sindh and restore peace and lawfulness in the province.