“Empowering Communicators: Renewable Energy Workshop Held in Gaya, India”

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Gaya, India – Last month, a three-day renewable energy workshop brought together 13 communicators to explore the latest developments in Bihar’s renewable energy sector.

The event featured expert insights from WRI India, Purpose, BRLPS JEEViKA, and the Rural Development Department of the Government of Bihar.

Participants gained valuable knowledge on the state’s roadmap to net zero and witnessed innovative projects in action.

They visited a community biogas plant in Basadi village and met women entrepreneurs at the JEEVIKA women’s employment center, who manufacture and distribute energy-efficient appliances.

On the final day, participants created videos based on their learnings and received feedback from industry experts Joydeep Gupta and Shuchita Jha.

This hands-on training equipped communicators with the skills and knowledge to effectively share stories about renewable energy and sustainability, inspiring positive change in their communities.