The story of Kiran Khan, A brave struggling journalist.

Irfan Ali Irfan Ali

The story of Kiran Khan, A brave struggling journalist.

I have been in journalism for more than 16 years. I am in this field. I entered this field in 2007.


On that day I was very busy. Muharram was going on in the governor's house when Ishrat-ul-Ibad was the governor of Sindh, there was a meeting of scholars there. I was returning from that meeting of scholars. I was also in a good mood. I don't even tell people about this incident.

On that day, I had brought all these things for the entire newsroom, especially samosas, etc. On normal days, I usually carry these. . After that, it was reported that there has been an explosion at Orangi Town No. 5 in front of the Imambargah, so my bureau chief told me that Kiran You should go to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, where the injured and dead bodies are being brought.

When I left, when I was on my way, I got a call that our crime reporter is stuck somewhere in the traffic. He will not be able to reach the blast site in time. It was Orangi Town No. 5 Imambargah, in front of which there was an explosion inside a rickshaw. Five or six people were killed in this explosion. There was a big explosion.

When we reached there, all the teams arrived. Rescue, Rangers policemen cordoned off. Chaudhry Aslam, Raja Umar Khattab CTD, SIU all the units were then they came and checked then they cordoned off that area. The clearance of the areas was done. Right now, I was there on the phone, I was talking to the head office in Lahore because the head office of Dunya News is in Lahore and at that time I was working in Dunya News. I still remember very well that there were brakes in front of a shop and we were coming back climbing over it.

After that, that area was cordoned off.

Since I was on the phone, I did not know. I was very close to that place, suddenly there was an explosion, at that moment I only heard the sound of explosion, after that I saw something of black smoke, I just read the word. At that time, my family was in my mind and I felt like Now the time has come for me to go.

I fainted then I don't remember anything then the people there told me when I spoke later they said that first they took me to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital and then from there they took me to Agha Khan Hospital when my eyes opened. And I regained consciousness and my family was standing in front of me. My sisters were, I thought, maybe we will never meet again.

I didn't have any deep injuries, just my feet. A funny thing happened during this incident was one of my favorite slippers. I bought them a few days ago. I was wearing them and they were lost. As soon as I woke up, I asked my sister where my slippers are. She said they are all lost. But one lesson I learned from her was about my safety, which I also told my company. When ever There is also an incident when something happens to a reporter, please don't broadcast the news
Until you take his family into confidence.

At that time it happened that all the channels broadcast my news with my name. I was injured in the explosion. At that time, my parents were at home. At that time, they were not watching TV. At that time, it was prayer time and Abu was praying. Our neighbors came to the house and knocked on the door. You watch the TV and see what news is coming. At that time, my father was sitting holding his heart. God willing, if something happens to him, there is no greater loss for me.
When something goes off that close, and no matter how close the explosives are, the sound is unbearable, the people who told me that my cameramen were there with the DSNG.

 At that time, he told that you were rescued by the Rangers. After that, I think Abbasi was martyred in Edhi's ambulance.
When I watched the footage later after the blast, the ambulance and rescue teams were busy with their work. My ears were also blocked, before that there was a lot of noise, there were police, there were people, but after that I don't know what happened.

I was unconscious. They don't take care of their safety, which should be done, the violence cannot be stopped. It was provided that when there is an event that is not known to the ears and it happens suddenly, you are helpless and you cannot do anything. What you can do after that is a different matter.

But at that time you can't do anything, you are helpless. It is better that the area is cordoned off or under security fence. Try to stay away from it. And even after a cleanup, never assume it's okay or not. Take some time and understand things Safety first, . When you are going to give news, you have to give news, you don't have to be news

At that time it became news. After that a lot of things that I realized are safety first news you get what they say and not what they say Try not to become news. We are the people who give news.