A woman from the city of Jacobabad in Pakistan arrived in India.

Imran Imran

A woman from the city of Jacobabad in Pakistan arrived in India.

After the pub game, the girl who belongs to Pakistan and is a mother of four children went behind bars. How did Seema Ghulam Haider fall in love with Sachin, how did she go to Nepal and what happened after that? listen

Played games, fell in love, converted, left the country and went abroad

A woman from the city of Jacobabad in Pakistan arrived in India.

While giving an interview to an Indian TV channel, She said that I am happy here, I should be allowed to stay here.

Fell in love while playing the game and came to India. Seema Jakharani, a Muslim woman from Jacobabad, says that I have accepted Hinduism and married a Hindu youth, now I don't want to go back to Pakistan, I should be allowed to stay here.

I request that I will not go back to Pakistan.

I am very happy here in India and we will have a court marriage.

I have adopted Hinduism. I was in contact with him from 2019 to 2020, after that I had no contact with my husband.

My children if they want to go to their father they can go but they never got father's love from father how will they go if they still want to go they can go my son is big. I will try to go back, when I reach there, they will kill me. These are the rituals of our Baloch people. in which

They are brutally beaten by women in every way. If I get there, they will do very badly with me.

There the woman is killed in peace

And there is no one to ask, this is the system we are running here.

The police cannot even go to our village.

I don't want to go there, I will live and die the same.

In response to the journalist's question, She said that our conversation started in 2020.

Things continued to go on together, then in 2021, I became very attached to them, i.e. fell in love. Meanwhile, from 2021 to 2022, I started making passports.

First, I tried to get a visa to India from Pakistan, but they were getting an Indian visa from us.

Then after that we met each other in Nepal, he also came to Nepal and I also went to Nepal. There we met in this way.

I arrived in Nepal on 11th of May. Our first meeting was in Nepal in March in which I came here for 11 days. May was here forever.

The policemen did a lot of investigation and many different people came from me.

Some even tortured me and some talked normally but the police here are good.

The Hindu boy with whom Seema has fallen in love runs a shop. We used to talk when we had time.

As the Indian government will allow, I will marry him. He has adopted Hindu culture, so the government is requested to let us live together, while Seema says that if I am sent back, I will be killed there.