Popular Indian actress Sonam Bajwa has revealed that a girl broke off her engagement to her obsessed fiance.

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These days, Sonam Bajwa is busy promoting her film ‘Kadi Haryana Will Di’ along with Punjabi singer and actor Amy Work.

Sonam Bajwa said that ‘I went to my native place to participate in an event from where I was wearing a mask at the Bareilly airport, a woman approached me at the airport and asked if you are Sonam Bajwa? I shook my head at the question, after which the lady told me ‘I broke my engagement because of you’.

Sonam Bajwa said that after hearing the woman’s words, I was stunned and I didn’t know how to react, but then the woman herself told me, “I am very grateful, I got engaged to such a man.” She was crazy about you and I didn’t like that so I ended the engagement’.

The actress said that the lady also told me that she is now married to someone else and that she is very happy with her marriage, after which she was satisfied.