Revolutionary leader of Sindh!!

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Rashid Ali Bhurgri

Rasool Bux Palijo was a famous jurist, thinker, intellectual and politician of Sindh and Pakistan as well as a person with the best knowledge of revolutionary movements and history. Along with this, this great man who sacrificed his entire life for the workers of Sindh and Pakistan. There are many other great personalities in our Sindh, one of them is Rasool Bux Palijo. The thinking of personalities like Rasool Bux Palijo Sahib is unlimited and the roles of such personalities are huge.

Honorable Rasool Bux Palijo opened his eyes on January 20, 1930 in Thatta near Jongshahi. Respected Rasool Bux Palijo who received his primary education in a local Madrasa near Mulan. After that, he received his higher and secondary education at Sindh Madrasa ul Islam, a famous educational institution of Sindh in Karachi city.

Rasool bux palijo did his law degree at Sindh Muslim Law College, Karachi. During his studies, Rasool Bux  palijo took a step into politics. He also joined Awami National Party for the unity of the oppressed nations at the national level and became its general secretary. Unfortunately, the leadership of the party in which Ustad Rasool Bux Palijo Shb was, later started to divide on the national issues of Sindh, due to which Palijo shb had differences with them and he left the party. Rasool bux Pelaji Sahib was also elected as the General Secretary of “Shah Bizm Sophia” whose president was GM Syed.

He wrote the book “Andha Ondha Vij” and forced the religious fanatics who issued fatwas against the poets and writers of Sindh to retreat. A unit was established within the country. Struggled against One Unit and played an important role in ending One Unit in Sindh. Before 1970, all the voter lists used in Sindh were in Urdu. Apart from this, when Rasool  Bux  Palijo Sahib started the intellectual war, many new discussions were first started on the political international labor movement of Sindh. He made his position very clear. Rasool

 Bux Palijo described such rule as un-Marxist, inhumane and unscientific, which is oppressive to the oppressed nations and the poor. He made it clear for the first time in Sindh that not only the individual is the ruler, but the nations are also the rulers and the ruled. He struggled against the oppression that was imposed on the nation and ended it and he also studied the political and social history of Sindh. She fought for the oppressed women of Sindh and their rights and fought extensively to include upper class women in politics in Sindh.

Along with this, he showed the people of Sindh a sense of thought and literature. He practically wrote a new history in the field of struggle by forming the Sindhi movement with his friend Shaheed Fazil Raho and the women of his family in the national and public struggle. Sindhiani TahreeK movement started from her house but soon the oppressed women of Sindh joined the Sindhiani Tahreek movement and they took the lead. The leadership of the Sindhi movement is in the hands of women.

They understood the people of Sindh, they thought that unless the old and out of date, anti-human, anti-people feudal system, old customs can be abolished in Sindh, a new system cannot be established in Sindh. Their struggle was successful. Apart from this, Rasool Bux Palijo wrote wonderful stories in early Sindhi style. He created the masterpiece book “Sweet Red Flower” but also praised and criticized the stories of Jamal Abri, Naseem Kural, Najam Abbasi, Amar Jalil, Siraj, Hameed Sindhi, Agha Saleem, Mahtab Mehboob and others. He took the lead as a defender of progressive writers.

He always encouraged patriotic journalists to play a patriotic role in journalism and also considered their national duty to stand by them in difficult times.

Respected Rasool Bux palijo Sahib will not give concessions to anyone for the sake of the people of Sindh. Why should it not be Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Mr. GM Syed or his blood relative.

In September 2016, Rasool bux Pelaji removed his son Ayaz Latif Pelajo from the position of president of the organization and from the organization for betraying the Sindhi people and departing from the global revolutionary vision. He himself wrote a letter to him with detailed reasons for leaving. Mutharram Rasool Bux Palijo was a personality who gave more importance to ideological lines than relationships,

He was a great person Sindh always miss this person who gave all live for Sindh.