Rumors of Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal being in ‘Love In’ are doing the rounds

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Indian actress Sonakshi Sinha was revealed to be in a ‘love-in’ relationship with her boyfriend and actor Zaheer Iqbal before her marriage.

Yesterday, Indian media claimed that Sonakshi Sinha is going to marry actor Zaheer Iqbal and the wedding ceremony will be held on June 23 in Mumbai.

The news of Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal’s marriage made the fans of the star couple happy but the fans were waiting for Sonakshi Sinha to confirm the news but it has not happened yet.

According to Indian media reports, Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal first met at a party hosted by Salman Khan, where they became friends as soon as they met, and later this friendship turned into love and they both starred in the film ‘Double XL’. I also performed at the same time.

According to reports, Sonakshi and Zaheer Iqbal are going to hold a wedding ceremony at Bestiaan restaurant in Mumbai.