Seven drug smugglers in Karachi and Rohri through five major operations

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Karachi The Narcotics Control wing of the Sindh Excise Department successfully apprehended seven drug smugglers in Karachi and Rohri through five major operations conducted in a single day. A total of 59 kilograms of hashish (charas), 7 kilograms of ice (methamphetamine), and 1 kilogram of heroin were recovered from these operations.

In an intelligence-based operation at the Hub River Road check post in Karachi, the Excise Narcotics Control Wing team searched a car and seized 3kg of ICE (methamphetamine) , resulting in the arrest of two drug dealers, Changez Ali and Riaz Ahmed. The vehicle was seized as part of the operation.

Another intelligence-based operation near Jhanda Shah graveyard in the Old Vegetable Market area of Karachi led to the seizure of one kilogram of heroin from an auto-rickshaw. Smuggler Amjad Khan, son of Daulat Khan, was arrested.

In the third intelligence-based operation, the Excise Police District Malir team conducted a raid near Baqai Hospital on the Super Highway in Karachi. They recovered 40 kilograms of hashish and arrested the drug smuggler Ziaullah, son of Ahsanullah.

In Shah Faisal, Karachi, the Excise Narcotics Control Wing arrested two suspects, Abdul Rehman and Naseer Gul, recovering 4 kilograms of ice and 7 kilograms of hashish from them. Meanwhile, in Rohri, the excise team arrested Aftab Ahmed Brohi along with his car, recovering 12 kilograms of hashish.

The Excise Narcotics Control Wing has registered cases against the accused under the Control of Narcotic Substances Act (CNSA), with further investigations ongoing.

Upon learning of these successful operations, Sindh Senior Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon promptly visited the office of the DG Excise and Narcotics Control to congratulate the teams. He commended their efforts and highlighted that these actions reflect the government’s unwavering commitment to eradicating the menace of drugs.

“These operations and arrests are a testament to the dedication of our law enforcement agencies. Efforts will be intensified to ensure a safe and drug-free society,” stated Senior Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon. He emphasized that the ongoing investigations aim to dismantle the entire network behind drug trafficking.