Sindh budget will give relief to govt employees and the poor people, Nasir Shah

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Water facilities, free electricity are the top priorities in the budget, Minister Nasir Shah media talk
Karachi Provincial Minister of Energy Development and Planning Sindh Syed Nasir Hussain Shah has said that relief will be given to the Govt employees and poor people in the budget of Sindh province. He expressed these views while talking to the media in the Assembly today. Reply to a question, Nasir Shah said that party leaders Asif Ali Zardari and Chairman Bilawal Bhutto want that the increase in salary should be relative to inflation, so they will increase the salary of employees as far as possible. Minister Energy said that the provision of water facilities and free electricity to the people of Sindh are the top priorities in the budget. Chairman PPP also wants that no new tax should be imposed in the budget of Sindh which will directly affect the poor and middle class. He added that if taxation is inevitable, it should be imposed on the privileged class and on luxury goods. Reply to another question minister said that the Prime Minister has been requested not to impose any kind of tax on solar as the people are already worried about the high electricity bills, so that facilities should be created for the solar installers. He added that care should also be taken in the federal budget that there is no budget against the manifesto of the People’s Party, It is hoped that the Prime Minister will give sympathetic consideration to the request. Minister Energy said that in the previous federal budget Sindh province was abused and no matching grant was given, but it is hoped that this time matching grant will be given for both the previous year and the new financial year. Nasir Shah said that sindh is a port province where there is a need for a motorway, but apart from Sindh, motorways are being built in other provinces, although Sindh will develop, then the country will develop, Sindh will be prosperous, if the country will be prosperous, Sindh will be economically stable, then the country will be economically stable. Minister Nasir Shah said that HESCO has spoken to SEPCO and K Electric that they should not disconnect the electricity of the customers with low bills in any case, ignore the old ones and collect the dues according to the new bills and the electricity. Maintain continuity. Minister said that they are not bringing new development schemes in the budget of Sindh, but the completion of the ongoing development schemes are the priorities of the budget. Minister said that the Sindh government is going to construct 21 lakh houses for the flood victims whose houses were destroyed by the flood. He said that the Sindh budget made in the provinces by the federal government is kept low.