Sindh fertile for investment in energy, NasirShah discussed with CG Iranian

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Nasir Hussain Shah directs Secretary Energy to remove all obstacles in Pak-Iran Wind Power Project

KARACHI Sindh Provincial Energy Minister Syed Nasir Hussain Shah has said that Sindh province is very fertile and rich in natural resources in the energy sector and is very suitable for domestic and foreign investment. 

He expressed these views today at his office during a meeting with a delegation headed by Consul General Iran Hassan Nourian, First Counsel Amir Jafri, CO Pakistan-Iran Wind Power Project Khuram Tariq Saeed, Secretary of Energy Department Sindh Mossadiq Ahmad Khan and Director of Alternative Energy Mahfouz Qazi were also present on this occasion. Iranian delegation told the energy minister that the Pak-Iran wind power project, which was started some time ago but could not be started due to various reasons, if the hurdles in the project are cleared, we will be able to start the project and generate electricity very soon.

Minister Nasir Shah said that the use of alternative energy is the need of the hour, which can not only meet the energy needs to a large extent but also help in overcoming the energy crisis. Chairman Bilawal Bhutto has special instructions regards alternative energy and especially solarization.

 Apart from this, the provision of free and low price electricity to the poor people through solarization is also the manifesto of Chairman Bilawal Bhutto. He said that the provision of two lakh solar panels to poor consumers with the support of the World Bank and the provision of free electricity to five lakh extremely poor households by the Sindh government are part of the chairman’s manifesto through solarisation. He added that we will not only welcome domestic and foreign investors in the alternative energy sector, but they will also be provided with all possible facilities by the government. Minister Energy directs Secretary Energy Mossadegh Ahmed Khan and Director Alternative Energy Mahfooz Qazi present on the occasion to take steps to remove all the obstacles in Pak-Iran Wind Power Project on a priority basis.

 Iranian Council General thanked the Minister Energy and Sindh government for their assurance of all possible cooperation and said that they will encourage Iranian investors to invest heavily in the energy sector in Sindh province.

 Nasir Shah also said on this occasion that if work is done through STDC and SEPRA in connection with the wind power project, more facilities can be created for the project.

On this occasion, business to business option was also considered to make the project functional. Energy Minister said that the Sindh government will provide power transmission facilities through STDC’s transmission line.