Sindh Government Orders Immediate Removal of Dangerous Billboards and Hoardings.

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Karachi, The Sindh General Administration and Coordination Department on Wednesday issued directives to Additional Chief Secretary of the Local Government & HTP Department, Government of Sindh and all Divisional Commissioners in Sindh for the urgent removal of billboards and hoardings that pose a danger to public safety.

This action follows the forecast by the Meteorological Department, Ministry of Aviation, Government of Pakistan, predicting heavy rains in Sindh during the monsoon season of 2024. Given the devastation caused by torrential rains in recent years, it is imperative to implement safety measures to protect lives and property.

The presence of large billboards and hoardings on buildings and other structures poses a significant risk, particularly during thunderstorms and heavy rains. The Honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan, in its order passed in CP No. 18-K/2010 & CMA 209-K/2014 in CP 152-K, has also mandated the removal of such dangerous installations.

In compliance with these directives, all illegal, unauthorized, and hazardous billboards and hoardings must be promptly dismantled to ensure the safety of citizens and the protection of property.