The responsibilities of men should be less.

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Pakistani actress Zara Noor Abbas while talking about the rights of men has said that the responsibilities of men should be less.

Actress Zara Noor Abbas recently participated in a private TV show during which the host asked actress Zara Noor Abbas what 3 to 4 rights do you think men should get?
On the question of the host, Zara Noor Abbas expressed her opinion and said that the responsibilities of the man should be less, all the people in the house should help each other.
Dakara said that for a good husband or father, it is necessary to be present at home more than busy, if a man spends more time outside to earn, then he will not be present at home.

In the advice given to men, Zara Noor Abbas said that according to research, the rate of heart attack in men is much higher than women, so men should take full care of their health, men should not smoke because smoking is bad for health. Very dangerous.