UAJK Hosts Captivating Mehfil-e-Mushaira in Collaboration with KCA

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MUZAFFARABAD,  Under the auspices of the Kashmir Cultural Academy, the University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (UAJK) on Thursday hosted a captivating Mehfil-e-Mushaira in collaboration with the Khadija Zareen Foundation. The event took place in the “Hall of the Institute of Education” Chella Campus at UAJK, creating a vibrant gathering of literary enthusiasts and a celebration of poetic expression.

The Mushaira saw the presence of esteemed figures such as Prof. Dr. Wajid Aziz Lon, Controller of Examinations, Faizan Arif Khan Mughal, Director General of the Kashmir Cultural Academy, Dr. Sharjeel Saeed, Director of Student Affairs, Dr. Imtiaz Awan, and Dr. Yousaf Mir, Coordinator of the Urdu Department. Faculty and students from various departments of UAJK attended, adding to the evening’s intellectual fervor.

Renowned poets and writers graced the occasion with their profound words. M. Yamin, Naz Muzaffarabadi, Mukhlis Wajdani, Hurr Kashmiri, Haq Nawaz Mughal, and Syeda Amina Behar captivated the audience with their eloquence and depth. Their verses and prose received great applause, resonating deeply with the listeners and highlighting the timeless beauty of our literary traditions.

Acting Vice Chancellor UAJK, Meritorious Prof. Dr. Syed Nadeem Haider Bukhari expressed his delight at the success of the Mehfil-e-Mushaira, emphasizing its role in fostering a deep appreciation for literature among students and the community. “Events like these not only showcase the talent of our poets but also serve as platforms to nurture the literary aspirations of our youth,” Prof. Bukhari remarked. He underscored the university’s commitment to promoting cultural heritage and encouraging creative expression through such initiatives.

Ms. Khadija Zareen and Faizan Arif Khan Mughal also addressed the gathering, highlighting the importance of preserving and promoting our rich cultural heritage through platforms like the Mehfil-e-Mushaira. Their speeches resonated with the audience, inspiring continued support for literary endeavors at UAJK.