UNHCR Country Representative in Pakistan, Ms. Caroline Candler, visited the Society for Humanitarian Assistance

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Islamabad, Pakistan – T, Response, and Development (SHARP) headquarters, accompanied by Deputy Representative (Protection) Ms. Layla Nugmanova and Senior Information Management Officer Mr. Peter Waita.

SHARP’s CEO, Mr. Mudassar Javed, and his team welcomed the delegation and provided a comprehensive briefing on SHARP’s operations, highlighting its crucial reception and legal services for refugees and asylum seekers.

The UNHCR delegation toured the Reception Desk, engaging with refugee families and gaining insights into their experiences. A boardroom meeting followed, discussing the protection environment and response mechanisms.

Ms. Candler praised SHARP’s professionalism and commitment to serving the most vulnerable, acknowledging the organization’s dedication to making a meaningful impact.

The visit strengthened the partnership between UNHCR and SHARP, reaffirming their shared commitment to supporting refugees and asylum seekers in Pakistan.