“Women’s Box Cricket Tournament Empowers Through Sports, Fosters Community Spirit”

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Karachi: The Aga Khan Youth and Sports Board – Area Committee Al Azhar Garden hosted a thrilling Women’s Box Cricket tournament, promoting women’s empowerment and community building. Four teams – Facilitation Service, Water and Shoes Service Team A and B, and Nandi Committee – showcased their skills and determination in the group stages.

The semifinals saw Water and Shoes Service Team A and Nandi Committee emerge victorious, setting the stage for a thrilling final. Nandi Committee set a target of 45 runs, but Water and Shoes Service Team A demonstrated exceptional skill and teamwork to clinch the championship.

The tournament highlighted women’s athletic prowess, emphasizing sportsmanship, teamwork, and community spirit. Participants and spectators left with cherished memories, newfound friendships, and a lasting appreciation for the competitive spirit.

The event was a resounding success, promoting women’s empowerment through sports and fostering a sense of community.