World Day Against Child Labour – Protect Childhood, End Child Labor: A Call to Action in Sindh- Speakers demanded

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Dr. Junaid Memon Alam, Professor of Development Studies, at IBA University Karachi, Emphasized every child’s right to education, sharing his journey from hard work to becoming a professor.

Shumaila Muzzamil, SPARC Advised children to understand their rights and pursue happiness. She highlighted the hard work of child laborers and referenced key article 32 of UNCRC and 11 Pakistan’s Constitution.

Kashif Mirza, Program Manager at SPARC, showcased a documentary on child labor, focusing on schools and drug abuse in Machar Colony. He discussed SPARC’s efforts, including a letter to the Education Department about the colony’s schools. Mirza also expressed solidarity with the children of Gaza, highlighting their plight.

Rana Asif Habib, President of the Initiator Human Development Foundation, emphasized that child labor acts as a barrier to children’s education. He also shared his experience of working in Machar Colony for a decade and stressed the importance of treating children with respect and care. Despite efforts by government departments to eliminate child labor, the issue persists on a significant scale.

A panel discussion of children on child labor was held alongside a theatre performance addressing the same issue.

Representatives from SPARC, SHRC, and other partner organizations highlighted the urgent need for concrete actions against child labor in Pakistan. They emphasized that child domestic labor is exploitative, violates human rights, and hinders social and economic development. They also pointed out that poverty, inflation, and the lack of affordable education are key factors driving children into labor.