Plans have been made to capture the Kenjhar and Haliji lakes.

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Plans have been made to capture the Kenjhar and Haliji lakes.

Under a systematic plan, on the one hand, millions of acres of land in Sindh have been handed over to the occupiers, and on the other hand, through bogus digital census, millions of foreigners living illegally have been recognized as citizens of Sindh, and Sindhis have been permanently turned into a minority.

 A dangerous plot has been hatched. Digital census is a dangerous attack on the existence of Sindhi people

Millions of acres of land in Sindh are being handed over to other countries in the name of agricultural revolution.

 Plans have been made to capture the Kenjhar and Haliji lakes.

Instead of giving millions of acres of government land to local landless Sindhi farmers, they are giving it to non-civil institutions and giving it to capitalists in the name of various big schemes.

Such views were expressed by the Central President of Awami Tehreek Lal Jarwar, Central General Secretary Noor Ahmed Katiyar, Ali Mohammad Kalmati, Ghanur Khan Zaur, Mitha Khan Lashari, Razak Chandio, Allah Bakhsh Kalmati and other leaders in a press conference in the city.

The leaders said that the existence of Sindh is in danger, Sindhi people will have to come out on the field of struggle

The leaders said that at present there is no shortage of water in the country, but in spite of this, the lands of Ghora Bari, Sakari and Keti Bandar Taluks were forcibly bought by the handful of people who created a water crisis and the farmers were economically bankrupt by drying up their crops.

Due to which the farmers have suffered a financial loss of lakhs of rupees. The leaders said that millions of acres of land have been submerged in the sea due to not releasing the required amount of water in the delta of the river.

Millions of Afghans and other foreigners are being settled in the coastal areas of Thatta, Karachi, Sajawal and Badin with a systematic plan

These foreigners with modern weapons and narcotics such as churro mau, hashish, opium, ice and heroin juicer do normal business against which no legal action is taken but on the contrary with the help and support of the local influential nobles and administration and other foreigners including Afghans. Millions of acres of land are being given to them.

 The leaders said that a criminal anti-national plan was being implemented to separate Karachi from Sindh.

 The leaders said that the people of Sindh know that the rulers of the country are patronizing bandits

The cannabis money of the kidnapped people is delivered to the robbers by the police.

The police, bandits and chiefs divide the money of cannabis among themselves.

He said that the lands of Sindh are being completely barren by diverting the water of Sindh.

The rulers of Punjab, considering Sindh as a conquered territory, are stealing the Indus River from the Sindhi nation

The federal government of a province has a monopoly on the federal institutions of the country, and there is no representation of small provinces in federal institutions, so decisions are made by the interests of a large province in the name of the federation, and on the rights and resources of small provinces and nations.

The shenanigans are cut and Pakistan has a provincial government in the name of federation.

Where oppressed peoples including Sindhis and Balochs are being subjected to oppression and oppression

. A grand protest rally will be held in Thatta on September 17 against the auctioning of millions of acres of land in Sindh, the bogus population census and its fraudulent and arbitrary results, the corrupt regime in Sindh and the looting of national resources.

Villagers, writers, poets, journalists and representatives of civil society were invited