Rally from Mukli to Thatta

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Rally from Mukli to Thatta

Grabbing millions of acres of land in Sindh in the name of agrarian revolution, premature, bogus, illegal and unconstitutional fake digital census turning Sindhis into a minority, by dacoits with the support of the state, government and chiefs in Sindh. From Mukli to Thatta city, thousands of men and women are passionate about the public movement against the brutal and inhumane business of kidnapping people, not giving Sindh its rightful share of water and the auctioning of Sindh's historical and cultural sites including Karunjhar. The rally was held-

Addressing the rally, Awami Tehreek Central President Lal Jarwar said that the caretaker government should work within its constitutional limits.

By auctioning the resources and lands of the provinces, the caretaker government is overstepping its constitutional limits –

After conducting fair, transparent and unbiased elections in the caretaker government, the People's Party government has been looting the common and collective national resources of the Sindhi people as their personal property in the last fifteen years. People's Party has looted Sindh throughout its tenure.

 Why were medals and honors given to dacoits and their patron local chiefs in Sindh?

 The people of Sindh ask the chairman of the People's Party why despite ruling Sindh for 15 years, the bandits' rule has not been eliminated from Sindh.